Privacy Policy




Deli United BV shall treat all data pertaining to visitors to this site in accordance with the Data Protection Act [Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens].




 What personal data do we collect and why?


The company may retain a number of items of your personal data (such as your surname, first name, postal address, telephone/mobile phone number, e-mail address, specialism/profession, your acceptance of this privacy policy statement). Some websites can be accessed without you having to register or input personal data; other websites or website areas cannot be accessed without registration. We will also retain your personal data if you contact us, in order that we may respond to your query.




How do we protect your personal data?


The company takes measures to prevent unauthorised persons from illegally accessing its websites, and from amending, obtaining or misusing personal data. Nevertheless, the company would like to draw the attention of visitors to its websites to the fact that no network anywhere is completely secure, not even the internet. We therefore cannot be held liable for any loss of, damage to, or illegal acquisition of personal data provided via our websites, nor for any losses resulting from such loss, damage or illegal acquisition.




How do we protect the integrity of your personal data?


The company has developed procedures to keep your personal data accurate, complete and up-to-date, for the purpose for which it is collected and used. You may check the data which you provided and, if necessary, request that it be amended. Should you wish to see a copy of your personal data, or request that your data be rectified or destroyed, please contact us at the above address.


Data which is automatically placed on your computer - cookies

If you visit one of our websites, we may sometimes store certain data on your computer. This data takes the form of a small text file, also known as a cookie, and can help us to improve your experience on our websites. Cookies enable us, for example, to better tailor a website to your interests and preferences. In other words, our websites use cookies to check which areas of our websites are consulted most frequently, where our visitors are navigating to, and how much time they spend on their destination page.  Cookies can only be read by the server which installed them and are not capable of executing codes or viruses.


Where specific programs on our websites require you to enter a username and password, you can opt to save your username and password, so that you do not need to enter them the next time you visit. This function is dependent on the installation of a cookie.


The majority of internet browsers offer you the option of removing cookies from your computer's hard disk, blocking all cookies, or displaying a warning before a cookie is installed. Please consult your browser instructions or help screen for more information about these functions. Please note that certain functions and programs on our websites may not be available if cookies are removed or blocked.


Certain cookie-enabled applications related to our websites may be managed by external parties who have been hired by the company for the purpose of managing certain programs and processing specific visitor/customer requests The company requests that these external parties limit their use of cookies to the uses described in this privacy policy statement, yet cannot be held liable for the use of cookies by third parties.




Offline vs Online


This privacy policy statement applies only to data collection and distribution via the websites of the company in the Netherlands, and not to data which is collected offline or outside of the Netherlands.




How can you ask questions about our privacy policy and request a copy of your personal data?


Your data is supplied entirely of your own free will and you have the right not to enter such data.

If you have any questions or problems relating to this privacy policy statement, or should you wish to request a copy of your personal data or that we do not use your personal data for a certain purpose, please follow the instructions given above




Amendment of this privacy policy


This privacy policy statement forms the only recognised statement of the company's practices with regards to the collection of personal data via its websites and with regards to the subsequent use and disclosure of such data. Summaries of this statement, generated by third-party software or otherwise (e.g. in connection with the ‘Platform for Privacy Preferences’ or ‘P3P’), are not legally valid, shall not in any way be binding upon the company, may not be used in place of this statement, and cannot be regarded as an updated version or adaptation of this statement.


The company may occasionally amend this privacy policy. It is recommended that you bookmark this page and check back regularly to ensure that you have the most recent version. An announcement will be published on the site whenever significant amendments are made to the privacy statement.







Privacy Policy